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c dubs (dubs) 1. n. a useless abbreviation for the cool waters band.

dubs (dubs) 1. n. anyone or anything pertaining to the cool waters band. 2. v.t. to treat (leather or wood) by smearing with grease. 3. tr.v. To execute (a golf stroke, for example) poorly.

The Cool Waters Band
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Greg Waters | Dan Waters | Matt Gieseke | Mike Cool | Rick Rajchel | Trombus Bonus

Honorary Lifetime Dubs
Shane Hardwicke : Keys/Vocals
Marc Golde : Keys/Bass
Levi Douma: Bass
Mike Willis : Keys/Vocals
Dante Kester : Bass
Chris Szebeni : Drums/Vocals
Chad Hauser : Drums
Mike Underwood : Percussion
Brian Parkos : Percussion
Dan Bush : Drums
Matt Morse : Drums

The Cool Waters Band is Good Time Rock and Roots at its finest – high-energy, dynamic, intense, inviting, feel-good music. Based out of the hard-working Fox Cities of Wisconsin (Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay), CWB has changed the way live original music is listened to and appreciated throughout the region. With an extremely dedicated fan base throughout the Midwest, Cool Waters is making powerful statements on their own terms, in their own unique way.

CWB’s original sound reclaims the best of vintage rock and roll with a modern twist. Their music knows no color or boundaries. The band has been critically acclaimed by all walks of the music business as the “must see” act in throughout the Midwest. Their diverse sound has paired them with all sorts of regional and national acts such as Blue Oyster Cult, Seven Mary Three, Leftover Salmon, Death Cab for Cutie, Roger Kline, Uncle Cracker, and the Gin Blossoms. Warner Brothers’ A&R representative Braden Merrick describes the band as “…Maroon 5 meets The Black Crowes meets Train meets Tesla. A definite Bonnaroo band.”

In 2005, The Cool Waters Band won a Wisconsin Area Music Industry “People’s Choice” award. They have also been nominated for “Recording-Album of the Year” for 2005’s, “A Rose Pedal to the Metal” and “Artist Of The Year”. A handful of their singles have received steady radio play on major radio stations throughout the region, and the response from listeners has been overwhelming. “You will be impressed, a pleasant surprise. Awesome!” describes 105.7 WAPL DJ, Len Nelson. Cool Waters has sold over 10,000 copies of recent studio and live releases. Poised to continue making great music and great times, The Cool Waters Band guarantees an over-the-top performance each and every show.

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