c dubs (dubs) 1. n. a useless abbreviation for the cool waters band.

dubs (dubs) 1. n. anyone or anything pertaining to the cool waters band. 2. v.t. to treat (leather or wood) by smearing with grease. 3. tr.v. To execute (a golf stroke, for example) poorly.

The Cool Waters Band
Greg Waters | Dan Waters | Jon Wheelock | Chris Szebeni | Trombus Bonus | Ross Catterton | Mike Underwood | Matt Gieseke | Mike Cool | Rick Rajchel

Honorary Lifetime Dubs Brotherhood
Shane Hardwicke : Keys/Vocals
Marc Golde : Keys/Bass
Levi Douma: Bass
Mike Willis : Keys/Vocals
Dante Kester : Bass
Chad Hauser : Drums
Brian Parkos : Percussion
Dan Bush : Drums
Matt Morse : Drums

Our Story
High-energy, dynamic, timeless, rock, intense, catchy, pop jam, inviting, vintage, family, roots, get down feel-good music. Formed in November of 1993 out of Appleton, WI, The Cool Waters Band has changed the way live, original music is listened to and appreciated throughout the region. With an extremely dedicated fan base spanning the Midwest, The Cool Waters Band is making powerful statements on their own terms – in their own unique way.

“Like a snow angel on a shag carpet.” -GW

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