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Greg Waters

Some Kind Of Fever

Posted June 3 by Greg Waters

The new album is about to “drop”. We’re stoked to introduce “Some Kind of Fever”, a 10-song nugget we have been working on over the last year. We’re excited to bounce the new songs off of you all (both on the album and live). You’ll be able to purchase the CDs from our website and all the major mp3 outlets (iTunes, etc).

We’ll be unveiling “Some Kind Of Fever” on June 13th at The Short Branch Saloon’s Backyard Jam – a free summer festival featuring 4 of the valley’s finest bands. We also have a ton of new merchandise as well. Gonna be a humdinger! Hope to see you out.

Special thanks to Marc Golde at Rock Garden Studio as well as all of our families, friends, and you – the fans, for all your support throughout this process. Also a big thanks to all who pledged to our Kickstarter campaign to help fund the album. Although we did not reach our goal, your support totally fueled our fire!



Life In Baby Steps

Posted May 21 by Ricker

Learning how to do anything is possible for anyone. It just takes time and patience. One can learn to play a new instrument(or your first instrument), a new language, auto mechanics, or how to bake a cake with enough time and patience.

I’ve taught people to play saxophone for a number of years and it always seems daunting for those just getting started. Do you remember being a baby and learning to talk? Yeah. Me neither. Even though we don’t remember we all did it pretty much the same way using imitation and trial and error. Luckily when learning something new it’s a lot easier after we know how to talk and read, but so many of us seem to be impatient, or make excuses for ourselves like ‘I’m just not musically inclined’, ‘all that car stuff is just too complicated’, ‘I’m just not a good cook’ or ‘I suck at math’. We all have access to the most information ever all at our finger tips via the internet.

You want to learn guitar, Spanish, or how to make killer cookies, but you aren’t musically inclined, or remember things easily, or know the slightest thing about baking. Houston, we have a problem. The problem is our own mind though for the most part. Sure some people ‘pick up’ things easier than others, but that doesn’t preclude everyone from the ability to learn most things.

The key is baby steps, but first you also have to want to learn and it’s even easier if you have an actual passion for what you want to learn. When you were young and your parents made you take piano lessons, or karate , or soccer for some of you it wasn’t fun, but you had to do it because your parents made you. Well now we have to make ourselves do it. For some things that’s a problem. If you don’t care a hill of beans about how a car works or have any interest in it, you’re probably not going to stick with learning auto mechanics. The same thing goes for learning guitar or saxophone.

I’ll often hear someone say ‘I wish I could play guitar like that’ or ‘man that drummer is awesome, I wish I could do that’. Here’s a news flash. That 7 year old guitar player you see on YouTube wasn’t born that way. The best musicians I know work at it very hard, or at least did for a long time to get there. Eddie VanHalen didn’t just wake up one day and know how to shred his brains out on the guitar.

Science says just about anyone can become an ‘expert’ at a skill with 10,000 hours of practice. That’s 5 years of a full time job, but we all get distracted easily in this day of instant gratification. Playing Mary Had a Little Lamb for 10,000 hours isn’t going to make you the next Motzart. There’s more to it than that, but no matter what you want to learn, if you have a passion for it and enough time you can become very good at what you want to.

Double R

Dan Waters

Best 6 Guitar Players Under Age 51

Posted May 11 by Dan Waters

I have seen many “top guitar player” lists and the top 10 are normally filled with legends such as Jimi, Stevie, Eric, Jimmy, etc. I have decided to compile a list of people under 51 just for fun. The thing is, when you get to a certain level of guitar playing, there really is no right answer to who is “better”. So my list is not based on how fast a guitarist can play or how high of a profile they own, but instead it is based on my opinions of tone, creativity, skill, and overall effort to make their respective band sound better. My intention is to provoke musical thought and potential discussion. So here goes!

6. John Mayer – When I hear “Your Body is a Wonderland” on the radio in my car, I typically respond with, “No John, my body is not a wonderland. Stop. Just stop please.” Then I can’t help but click to the next station. BUT, when John started playing with his trio shortly thereafter, he began to really come in to his own as a guitar player. And no, arrogance is not a category in which I am judging. John is one of those guys who takes blues guitar soloing to an entirely different level. When he plays, it is completely effortless and very soulful. I would highly recommend checking out his live album: John Mayer Trio entitled Try!

5. Jake Cinninger – Jake plays with the prog rock/jam band Umphrey’s McGee. I have never seen a guitar player own the fretboard the way Jake does. He knows the ins and outs of every scale and has a great feel on how to mix notes to make his guitar playing truly brilliant. Here is a pretty cool solo by Jake…

4. SLASH! – Slash was one of the main reasons why I wanted to play the electric guitar. I remember getting a guitar, amp and wah pedal and annoying the crap out of my family by wha whaing my face off!!! Have you ever heard somebody misuse the term “bad-ass?” As in, “my garlic-toasted, kale, roasted pepper, and hummus sandwich was so bad-ass!” Well I have news for you- it’s not. Not even close. You know what is “bad-ass?!?!” SLASH!!! SLASH is “bad-ass!” NEXT!

3. TREY! – Trey is the reason why the list is under age 51. Trey is 50 and we are playing by my rules. Trey Anastasio was also another huge influence growing up. He has set the record for most goosebumps given many times. He was the originator of taking a section and building it to a pinnacle and then releasing all over the audience. Sounds gross, but the eargasms are endless. My favorites would have to be Maze and Chalkdust Torture.

2. John Frusciante – John has gone back and forth between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the deepest dungeon of his basement since he started rockin and rolling. John is a pure genius when it comes to tone and different guitar sounds. He plays with so much passion that you can almost feel it. He is one of the bigger risk takers that I have seen as far as guitar playing goes. He is willing to try anything on the spot and hope for a magical outcome. More times than not he succeeds. Here is a little compilation…

1. Derek Trucks – Derek’s playing is pure genius. He is so far ahead of the game and he does most of his work playing the slide guitar. I feel like every note that he plays means something. He became famous very early by jamming with his uncle in the Allman Bros. He has also made quite the name for himself with his own band, The Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Just for fun, here is a list of my 4 favorite local guitar players:

Aaron Zepplin (4) – I have only seen Aaron play once and it was pretty awesome. He fits right in with the very talented Kyle Megna and the Monsoons. He has a very cool jazzy funky kinda style that makes you want more. His note placement is unbelievable. And if you have never seen his band, you should. I have never crapped my pants from listening to great musicians but I feel like this band could possibly make me do it some time.

Ryan Gleason(3) – I played with Ryan in the reggae band Unity for about a year and I was blown away night after night. Ryan has a very unique style of slapping his strings around. Dude has game. He now plays in Phocus with on of the Valley’s best bass players, Tim Burton. When Ryan is on his game he will “lick” your face right off.

Jeff Johnston(2) – Jeff gave me guitar lessons when I was a middle school whippersnapper. He has been one of the best blues musicians in the Valley for quite some time. He is the Clapton of Appleton. Always smooth. Go and say hi next time you see him play.

Rod Zimmerman (1) – Rod Squad! Rod plays with Bad Haji, A-Town, and has been known for leading some of the wildest Apple Pub jam nights. What I love about Rod’s playing is that he plays with tons of emotion and is not afraid to take some chances. Rod is the only local musician to ever bring me to tears.


Greg Waters

4 Reasons to See Live Music

Posted April 7 by Greg Waters

Lately, I have noticed that some aspects of our local music scene are as alive as ever. However, over the last 6 months or so, I have been out to see some really cool local shows that seemed lackluster in support/attendance compared to where things were 5-10 years ago. I found myself asking why – too expensive? not enough good music? poor promotion? too many other things going on? Probably a little of everything I guess. That all being said, I think there are just as many reasons TO go out and see local music. Here are a few…

1. Be a Part of an Experience
Live music can be inspirational – not just to other musicians. There’s something about seeing a band take months and years of practice and hard work to a stage – the blood, sweat and tears, the passion, the craftsmanship. Combine all of that with the energy of a great crowd, and you have something that words can seldom explain… something that actually shapes who we are.

2. Meet New People
In all my years of playing and attending live shows, I can’t even count how many friendships I have seen forged at them. Some have even ended up in marriage. Live music is such a great way to meet people and bond with those you have already met and know.

3. Do Something Different
Break your routine – do something different! Unplug! Technology is a great thing, but sometimes you just need to get away from a phone, TV, tablet, video game, and your daily routine. Your technology will still be there when you get home. Go out and have a brew, see a band, and make a memory.

4. Support Your Community
Seeing shows and being a part of a music scene not only breathes life into the scene, but it supports community as well. A strong music scene can create jobs, sustain business, boost education, raise awareness, and even strengthen a community. It sounds like a stretch, but think about it…

On that note (insert shameless plug), we have some great shows coming up and would love to see all of your smiling faces out and about. Check the Schedule page for details. Also, we’re getting closer to finishing the new album. We’ll keep you in the loop…


Latest Listens:
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Greg Waters

Cheers to Local, Original Music!

Posted October 22 by Greg Waters

I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the bands in our area (and beyond) that are continuing to write, record, and perform original music. May your light shine bright…


Greg Waters

New Studio Album!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted September 26 by Greg Waters

Exciting news in the CWB camp. We have begun rehearsing 13 songs that will be featured on our 8th studio album due out this spring! We are full of energy but low on funds. After much thought, we have decided to start a fundraiser on Kickstarter to ensure we can do this one right. We are asking friends and fans of Cool Waters to spread the word, donate, and do whatever they can to make this a success. Every little thing helps. Many thanks for your continued support, faith, and love of the Cool Waters Band. Rooooots!

Greg Waters

Mile Of Music

Posted August 14 by Greg Waters

What a great event! We have been waiting 20 years for this. We met some great new fans and friends and saw a ton of great new music. We were truly honored to be a part of this event and are already looking forward to next year. I wanted to share some images from a couple of our photographer friends that really captured the “weekend”. Take a peek…

See you around – couple more shows left this summer…

Greg Waters


Posted July 11 by Greg Waters

Hi everyone. We’re into that part of the summer. The time when the Brewers acquire guys like Zach Grienke and CC Sabathia to try and make a run. The time when it feels like there is a continuous slow burp of brats and potato salad emitting deep from within your belly. The time when you start to realize summer’s halfway over and you still have a huge farmer’s tan left from that one drunken tube top/tank top afternoon playing bag toss. The time you start to realize that fishing will probably have to be moved to next year’s list of summer hobbies. And the time CWB starts diving into it’s craziest batch of shows. Here’s a quick rundown…

–We still have Booze Cruise tix left for NEXT WEEKEND! You can contact for tickets. Free beer and wop, fireball cherries, acoustic Dubs, group singalongs, sunset on the chain, new friends, and monumental hangovers – just ask Kelly, Jenna, and Gerard – some of our classic poster children!

–We have just added 2 Mile Of Music dates to the schedule. Should be a blast. There is a very good chance we’ll be showcasing some brand new material. Looking forward to playing with Nikki Lane and “the Chiz”!

–We have a couple of other humdingers lined up yet (Appleton Concert Series, Main St. Music Festival, Ifdakamp, and more). Check out the Shows page.

See you at Skinny Dave’s tomorrow. #epicmaidenvoyage

G Dub

Greg Waters

Booze Cruise Tix

Posted June 21 by Greg Waters

We still have a small number of Booze Cruise available. Just a reminder that we are not holding tickets for anyone. These need to be purchased to actually reserve your spot. You can get more info here.


Greg Waters

Sweet Home Chicago!

Posted June 1 by Greg Waters

Hard Rock Cafe

Had a great time last night in Chicago at The Hard Rock. Thanks to fans and friends for coming out. Also thanks to the staff at the Hard Rock and The Rhythm Method for all of their hospitality. We met a lot of great people. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon…