Mike Cool

Favorite Whiskey:
Jack Daniels

Most Influential Albums:

Alice in Chains : Jar of Flies

Kiss : Alive!

Metallica : Master of Puppets

Black Crowes : Entire Catalog

Bob Seger : Live Bullet

Favorite All Time Gig:

The French Quarter in Oshkosh circa 2001.   Three hours, no breaks, great crowd.

More recently would be the kickoff to Mile of Music last August.   Not only the gig but afterwards walking around the avenue checking out all the other bands.

Worst Gig:

Witz End in Stevens Point.   Was throwing up all day, went and played the show sick to a crowd of 5 people.    Vowed to never again play a show that sick again.

Latest Listens:

Sturgill Simpson – High Top Mountain
Frank Zappa – Apostrophe
Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells a Story