Posted July 11 by Cool Waters Band

Hi everyone. We’re into that part of the summer. The time when the Brewers acquire guys like Zach Grienke and CC Sabathia to try and make a run. The time when it feels like there is a continuous slow burp of brats and potato salad emitting deep from within your belly. The┬átime when you start to realize summer’s halfway over and you still have a huge farmer’s tan left from that one drunken tube top/tank top afternoon playing bag toss.┬áThe time you start to realize that fishing will probably have to be moved to next year’s list of summer hobbies. And the time CWB starts diving into it’s craziest batch of shows. Here’s a quick rundown…

–We still have Booze Cruise tix left for NEXT WEEKEND! You can contact [email protected] for tickets. Free beer and wop, fireball cherries, acoustic Dubs, group singalongs, sunset on the chain, new friends, and monumental hangovers – just ask Kelly, Jenna, and Gerard – some of our classic poster children!

–We have just added 2 Mile Of Music dates to the schedule. Should be a blast. There is a very good chance we’ll be showcasing some brand new material. Looking forward to playing with Nikki Lane and “the Chiz”!

–We have a couple of other humdingers lined up yet (Appleton Concert Series, Main St. Music Festival, Ifdakamp, and more). Check out the Shows page.

See you at Skinny Dave’s tomorrow. #epicmaidenvoyage

G Dub

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