4 Reasons to See Live Music

Posted April 7 by Cool Waters Band

Lately, I have noticed that some aspects of our local music scene are as alive as ever. However, over the last 6 months or so, I have been out to see some really cool local shows that seemed lackluster in support/attendance compared to where things were 5-10 years ago. I found myself asking why – too expensive? not enough good music? poor promotion? too many other things going on? Probably a little of everything I guess. That all being said, I think there are just as many reasons TO go out and see local music. Here are a few…

1. Be a Part of an Experience
Live music can be inspirational – not just to other musicians. There’s something about seeing a band take months and years of practice and hard work to a stage – the blood, sweat and tears, the passion, the craftsmanship. Combine all of that with the energy of a great crowd, and you have something that words can seldom explain… something that actually shapes who we are.

2. Meet New People
In all my years of playing and attending live shows, I can’t even count how many friendships I have seen forged at them. Some have even ended up in marriage. Live music is such a great way to meet people and bond with those you have already met and know.

3. Do Something Different
Break your routine – do something different! Unplug! Technology is a great thing, but sometimes you just need to get away from a phone, TV, tablet, video game, and your daily routine. Your technology will still be there when you get home. Go out and have a brew, see a band, and make a memory.

4. Support Your Community
Seeing shows and being a part of a music scene not only breathes life into the scene, but it supports community as well. A strong music scene can create jobs, sustain business, boost education, raise awareness, and even strengthen a community. It sounds like a stretch, but think about it…

On that note (insert shameless plug), we have some great shows coming up and would love to see all of your smiling faces out and about. Check the Schedule page for details. Also, we’re getting closer to finishing the new album. We’ll keep you in the loop…


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